Good patterns with 4th try on chokes

Post your 20 Gauge pattern results.

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Good patterns with 4th try on chokes

Postby arkbulldog » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:25 pm

Finally got the right choke combination. Picture is poor and can't see 20" ring hits very well. Counted 10" twice to make sure, so those have a mark and are circled. 224 in 10", 168 in 20" ring, 392 total. 50 yards with Big 20 XL, 1 5/8 oz #8 1/2 TSS. In Benelli M1, Indian Creek Black Diamond choke, 0.555".

Big 20 XL 50 Yd IC .555.png

MOA 20 in same set up with 2 1/8 oz #8 1/2 was 195 in 10" and 209 in 20". 409 total. Picture is even worse.

MOA 20 50yd IC .555.png

4th try on different chokes. Tightest constriction ended up best. The other three chokes would do about 80 pellets in 10" at 50 yds. Not bad for a 50 yd pattern in 20 gauge, but I was hoping for better. Finally got it. 7 1/2 and 8's in the choke above were in the 80 to 90 range also. Bigger is not always better.
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