Load Data-Geese & Ducks-Sphero Tungsten 15g #7

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Load Data-Geese & Ducks-Sphero Tungsten 15g #7

Postby bgladden » Tue Apr 07, 2020 7:18 pm

Last year I used one of Hals Duplex recipes (18g/#2) and they worked well. Thanks Hal.
After duck season, I saw BPI had a sale on the 15g #7 and have a couple buddies that wanted me to help them with a large duck/goose load in 20. I thought the 15g #7 would fit the bill. BPI has a load recommendation of the following:
180726-10113 (load number)
20ga Fiocchi Fio 616
Lil Gun 35
(4)18CW28 in base
1oz SphTung Original-15 #7
S20 + Fold Crimp
5650psi 1300fps
I hand-loaded everything because I was going to pattern first, then mass produce for next year. I did use the OS2 card and crimped with a Lee Load-All II. What's a little crazy is I got various fps: 800, 1511, 1068, 1700, 1272, 1322, 1345, 1371, 1373

The only two variables I can think of are the crimp and the wads. From instructions BPI says wads are under the shot. In another load I made with 18TSS the "felt" wads were placed above the shot with OSC and roll-crimp. Suggestions?

Anyone have different load data with 1oz ST 15g?


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Re: Load Data-Geese & Ducks-Sphero Tungsten 15g #7

Postby Dave in AZ » Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:24 am

The problem is the pressure. 5600 is reallllly low, and low pressures often lead to bloopers and incomplete ignition/burn. I pretty much ignore all loads less than 7000 psi in any reloading, and I am looking to get pressures 10000-12000. This will be inside SAAMI and well within safety margins, but will ensure good burns especially in cold weather. Yeah, that 800fps and variations are from low pressure load.

Here's a better load they published:
180711-10712 20ga 2.75" Fiocchi Fio616 LilGun 34.0gr TPS20 2x14c28 1 1/8 492 SpheroTungsten-15 9085psi 1305fps #7 LOTW 11/21/18 LOTW

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